GLPA Sponsors: 2012-13

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The Great Lakes Planetarium Association acknowledges the following companies and organizations for their generous support in Fiscal Year 2012-13:

Parallel Universe Sponsors ($2,800+)

Spitz, Inc.

Universe Sponsors ($1,400 - $2,799)

Astro-Tec Mfg., Inc.
Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.
The Elumenati
Konica Minolta Planetarium Co.
Sky-Skan, Inc.

Galaxy Sponsors ($900 - $1,399)

Ash Enterprises International, Inc.
Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc.
Bowen Technovation
Evans & Sutherland
GOTO, Inc.

Solar System Sponsors ($600 - $899)

Adler Planetarium
ChromaCove, LLC
East Coast Control Systems
Global Immersion
Laser Fantasy
Milwaukee Public Museum (Soref Planetarium)
Seiler Instrument Corporation/Carl Zeiss Plm
Space Telescope Science Institute

Planet Sponsors ($450 - $599)

New Children's Museum (Travelers ScienceDome Plm)
Pegasus Productions

Moon Sponsors ($100 - $449)

Clark Planetarium


Note: if you would like to support our next conference, or if you have questions about supporting our conference, please contact our Development Chair.